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Alina Fierra

alina fierra & jeff lewis

alina fierra & jeff lewis

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Alina Fierra is an international singer/songwriter, dancer, choreographer, live show producer, and overall global pop sensation. Her style is excitingly out-of-the-box in style and sound, working with the industry’s most iconic video and production teams. • First artist to launch the first flash mob style reality music video ever created, complete with a documentary. • Her first band and album won "Best Band of the Year" at the LAMA (Los Angeles Music Awards) and opened for the ladies of the Supremes. She moved with her mother to the US where she continued her school at UCLA studying music production, where .connected with her teacher/ music producer Jeff Lewis— a music production prodigy who toured with The Jacksons, Johnny Guitar Watson, Lenny Williams, Tom Johnston, Bill Summers and Summers Heat and TIERRA, etc. before launching MOONLIGHT STUDIOS, a Los Angeles, a music production service with David Vasquez. After recording an album at the Moonlight Studios with Lewis, with her first band BEYOU, Alina won “Best International Band of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards” and had the honor to open for The Supremes.

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